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2005 Joliet Show Dates
March 6
June 19
Sept 25
Dec 18

The Joliet Show Report: Featured in Militaria International Magazine vol. 5, no. 9 2001
It's not the MAX show or the Great Western, but if you are in the Midwest, the Joliet Military Collector's Show deserves a visit. A small show with approxmately 70 6' tables and filled to the brim with some of the most prominent dealers in the Midwest. John Coy, owner of Stuka Military Museum is just right inside the front door. John always has an outstanding selection of U.S. and German militaria. Phil Stebbens is usually there, who made the decision to go back to collecting in 2000. He also has an impressive collection of militaria for sale. Jerry Becket is in the front room with his display of German medals. Another collector who can be found there is Dan Pamones. Dan is one of the best sources of information on field gear and mess gear. Dozens of other dealers of quality militaria and hundreds of collectors are there. While small, the show is 100% flea market items here. At most of the shows you can run into some of our WWII veterans, who will be more than happy to chat and share stories. Past veterans include several members of the Raiders, and the Co-Pilot of Bock's car. One of the benefits of a smaller show are the reasonable rates...A siz foot table is only 25 dollars and general admission is 3 dollars (5 dollars during dealer set up)

Advantages of a smaller show for Collectors

Yes, its true you can find everything under the sun at the Nationally known shows. You can also expect to pay the absolute top-end price for it. Where is the challenge and fun in that? I can do the same thing sitting at home behind my computer. Face it, when you are dealing with the dealers who shell out 60-100 dollars per table, they are gonna know excatly what everything on that table is worth (even if they do not, they will put a hell of a high price on it. They have a lot of expense to cover.) We have a few full time professional dealers, but more of our dealers who set up are hobbyists or accumulators or people who collect in one particular field and are happy to move the pieces that they do not collect just to make a few bucks to buy what they are collecting. In short, try skipping that three day trek halfway across the U.S. and bargain hunt at smaller shows where your dollar can go much farther. What are you risking? A Sunday Morning, a tank of gas and three lousy dollars!!

The following are just a few examples of great deals found at joliet in the last 2-3 years (No, I did not get all this stuff myself.) (damn it!)

Soviet M-36 helmet 20.00
MP40 repro. Non gun 125.00
WW2 USMC Poncho 30.00
WW2 Carbine bayonet 25.00
Musette bags 10.00
Cartridge belts 10.00
Pistol belts 3.00
Vietnam 1st Patt Jgl. Jkt mint 17.00
Viet era 1917 shotgun bayonet 35.00

Advantages of a smaller show for dealers:
Easy to get to, right off the interstate..traffic is light in the AM..not actually into Chicago...Easy loading and unloading off of the many doors...usually no more than 50 feet from your tables...Twenty five dollar me cheaper tables at any other militaria show and I'll be setting up there...Free coffee and donuts while they last for bar on premises (if you drink before noon on Sunday's) Good deals to be found during set up times..friendly, non-cutthroat atmosphere (most of the time) Need 3 or more tables?? Quantity discounts are possible on a case by case basis
Tables must be reserved and paid for 2 weeks prior to show...table prices increase to 30 dollars two weeks to show..CANCELLATIONS LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO SHOW, DEALERS ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF SPACE RESERVED. No flea market items, or non military badges allowed. No firearms post 1945 or ammunition or blanks allowed. All firearm sales must comply with all federal and state laws. NO EXCEPTIONS..please bring table covers...building opens for dealer set up at 7am. Smoking in the lounge only. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS OF ANY KIND OR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.

Show hours: 8am-12 pm

Before 8am--->10 Dollars
After 8am---> 3 Dollars
Under 12 is free

Place: American Legion Post #5
RT 80 and Larkin Ave.
Joliet, Illinois

Directions: Easy access from U.S. Rt 80. In Joliet, exit south on Larkin Ave. Turn right onto the Frontage Rd and follow it back to the legion hall.

Free admission for Veterans

Free Admission with any of the following

Retired Military I.D Card
Current membership card in any of the following:
American Legion

Meet and talk with fellow vets and others interested in your experiences in the service.

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Joliet Military Collectors Show